Real quick storie

I start a new job, I dress nice for this job however have my sexy lingerie on underneath my clothing as this always makes me feel more inferior and helps to intimidate my work colleagues if I come across some hottie as I like to get what I want. After 2hrs of being in my office to my surprise this 6ft tall handsome young man appears and asks for my help with some paper work we talk for 10mins and I already have him melting like butter in my hands I sit along side him on my desk as I lean over him to grab papers he glances at my breasts I pull bk and slowly separate my legs. He glances again and I catch him checking out what underwear I was wearing his starts to sweat and get a little gittery with his words and seamed quite intimidated by my presents again I separate my legs and push my hole bottom up and lean towards with my arched bk. At this time he jumps up with conviction. I ask him what’s wrong hottie and realize by looking at his bottom half his hard as his big cock is pressing tight against the material of his trousers. Oh I say some hottie is pleased to see me before we know it I got off the table and threw him passionately against the wall and rubbed my crouch up against him thrusting my hips to feel the sexual desire of his big hard cock rubbing against my clit. The excitement is now taking over my pussy is calling for him his all hot 🔥 and sweaty and now is caressing my breasts while also thrusting his manhood harder against me the tension of our in counter has now built up so much he trys to take control and throws me sexually against the office table and I do a u turn on him and take all of my control bk and I push him onto the table and take out the manhood I be gagging for he was such a turn on even just to look at however his big thick 9half inch cock excited me even further. I started to suck his cock but as he wanted to cum I pulled away and left him shaking as he needed that to complete however I then climbed on top of his face and made him play with my clit with his 😛 tongue until my pre pussy juices were dripping off his face. At this point the feelings were just running wild, we were both ready to explode so I demand he fuck me and fuck me hard so he pushed me off bent me over and slid his big cock into my pussy hard pulling my head bk by my hair as he thrusted my pussy hard as I requested hard and rough I screamed at him harder harder then as I was coming to a climax ,him also I shouted faster faster harder harder fuck me fuck me hard. He was moaning as much as I. Then the worse thing happened my daughter opened the office door as she arrived to bring my lunch I forgot at home and seen myself and this hottie fucking she shouted what the hell mom what u doing fucking my friends dad. I’m discussed and stormed out. She didn’t speak to me for weeks. However it was a fab first day at my job I really enjoyed it and I carnt say I’ve ever had a start date for a new job with a good fucking from a local hottie even if it was my daughter’s friends dad.
Best job ever lol 😂



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