All sorts of challenges from couples in the bedroom to cuckold challenges.

1.Have your cuck wear a cage at work and while his at work to send you a picture to make sure his still got it on, if u want to make sure its not an old photo make him put something that he would have to hand at work next to it and take a picture.

2. Send your cuck/partner out in public (shopping centre, work, restaurant) with a remote control vibrator up their Ass and set it off at anytime if your not with you can always get hem to send u a video of it to prove it.

3.Take your cuck to a nudist beach and have him completely naked and walk down the beach front so everyone can see him, to make it more exciting you can have him wear a cage or write on him ‘i love to see my wife being fucked by a really man’

4. Go out on a night out and fuck a big cock take a picture of it make sure you save his cum in a condom then take the condom home get your cuck on his knees show him the picture or video that you took and have him beg to eat his cum, give him the condom to chew on until the condom is empty.

5. While with your bull without your cuck there facetime him and make him watch while you fuck your bull and make sure he watch until your about to cum then put phone down.

6. Have your cuck caged for a week and make him edge 5 times a day without cuming if he cums he has to be punished by getting whipped 5 times, 5 times a day repeat until he doesn’t cum all week.

7. Give his chastity key to your bull to keep. This is real kinky because what could be more submissive and humiliating then having another man control your cucks chastity key and then the bull can set his own challenges for the cuck.( challenges all run by yourself first).

8. Have your cuckold chauffeur you and your bull while you make out and get wild in the back seat.

9. Make your cuck clean up all the bulls cum, you could take it up a notch by making your cuck pleasure your bull before cleaning up by sucking and licking his cock.