Hotwifing and being small go hand in hand?

My ex; Samantha, and I had gone through a rough patch… for time constraints I’ll spare details but I COMMUNICATED with another female or two online and she caught me. I’ve NEVER cheated so I admitted and felt bad…. She said she was gonna take revenge and imediately the heat furnace turned on ‘click’ in my head!

I kept it to myself well; told her let me know who and when so I knew when it was over.
But when she didn’t tell me I not only got mad but got so turned on I jacked off and sent the guy a vid of her sucking my dick through her phone lol. Payback!

Well; afterwards, she ended up telling me the story, and I ended up asking for and recieving a handjob during. Naturally I wanted to know if he was bigger… he was “about the same” sadly lol. But I was 7” at the time…. During our run of hotwifing in succession, my weight, testosterone, and physical health changed to where my sick shrank to 6” then slightly below… encouraging my sizequeen Hotwife fantasy.

Due to other reasons and difficulties we aren’t together anymore, but after 3 years, and a year after divorce I STILL wanna know what it’s really like to have a loving
size queen cukoldress.

My dick is now as small as 5” hard… up to 5.5”, but I’d be willing to shrink to 4.5” or maybe as small as 10cm 3.75”…. Because my compersion desire and kink of cuckolding is so strong!

I am 39; fun; and handsome tbh…. And I’m Tennessee USA.
How small is necessary to be a cuck fr?
Where should I meet a cuckoldress locally?
How open should I be about it initially?



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